HEA Exciter

Ranging from 4 Joules to 100 Joules (standard: 12 J). Available in various sizes & designs. Ex-proof HEA Igniter also available. Available in 110V AC / 230V AC / 24V DC.

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HEA Flexible Cable

Available in both designs, single bend & double bend. Available in various sizes (standard length: 12 feet).

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HEA Spark Tip

Available in various designs. Shunted surface semiconductor pin connection to Spark Rod.

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HEA Spark Rod

Available in various sizes. Rigid / Flexible spark rod available.

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HEA Retractor Assembly

Available in 110V AC / 230V AC / 24V DC. Stroke Length: 8" / 12".

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HEA Igniter Guide Pipe Assembly

It can be welded directly onto the burner front plate, providing support to HEA Spark Rod.

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About Igniter System

TruFire - HEA Igniter System

The HEA (High Energy Pulsed ARC) Ignition System is designed to ignite a variety of fuels ranging from high speed diesel to heavy fuel oil and gases. The equipment produces high intensity electrical sparks which readily ignite the oil/gases particles surrounding the spark, thus creating a flame pocket in the oil spray required for a successful ignition. TruFire HEA Igniter is used for direct spark ignition of oil, gas igniters and all type of burners

The Energy output of the Igniter which refers to the energy of each spark is rated in joules. The Standard Power Pack of 12 Joules produces about 4-6 sparks per second. The HEA Spark Tip is a self-cleaning highly reliable and maintenance free product. The intermittence can range from 3 to 16 sparks per seconds and each spark can have an energy ranging of 4 to 30 joules, which can be preset according to specific requirement. However, we have successfully tested the Igniter System up to 100 Joules in our Testing Lab.

The HEA Igniter System consists of five major Components:-
  1. HEA Exciter Box (Power Pack)
  2. HEA Spark Rod – Rigid or Flexible
  3. HEA Spark Tip (Spark Plug/ Igniter Probes)
  4. HEA Flexible Cable Assembly (Igniter Power Cable)
  5. HEA Retractor Assembly (Igniter Carriage Assembly)
  6. HEA Guide Pipe Assembly (Optional)
  7. HEA Igniter Control Panel (Optional)


  • Starts with a highly reliable Self-cleaning operation
  • Quicker cold Starts
  • Considerable fuel savings
  • Maintenance Free
  • Simple retrofit conversion
  • Customized designs for Tilting Burners
  • Customized designs with Battery Operation
  • Customized designs for Flare Pilots
  • Customized Solid State Technology (Spark Gap or Thyristor controlled)
  • Lower Ignition Cost
  • Quick Service Support
  • Very High Energy Power Packs available
  • Quick changing/replacing of Spark Rod
  • Quick delivery process
  • One stop solution for Multiple products


  • Thermal Power Plants
  • Oil Refineries
  • Aircrafts
  • Chemical Plants
  • Cement Plants
  • Heating Plants
  • Waste Management Plants
  • Industrial Purpose

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