Portable Battery Operated HEA IGNITER – TruFire-ON

Portable Battery Operated HEA Igniter is a compact and lightweight designed ignitor, a handy system suitable for remote applications for the ignition of Boilers and flare pilots. It delivers reliable performance in a convenient, portable system. A portable system may be used to ignite a number of burners where the installation of a separate, permanent igniter on each boiler would be uneconomic. It is extensively used as a standby Ignition system, always handy and ready, if there is any failure on a standard system.

  • Easy to use
  • Push Button facility
  • Handle
  • Battery Charger
Exciter Type : Spark Gap
Energy : 12 Joules
Spark Rate : 3 to 5 sparks per second
Battery Type : Rechargeable 12V DC, 7.8 AH
Input Supply for Battery Charging : 110-230V AC
Battery Backup : 2 Hours approx.
Output Voltage : 1400V or 2000V DC
Duty Cycle : 10 Min. ON, 2 Min. OFF
Enclosure : Weather Proof, NEMA 4, Aluminum alloy
Protection Class : ATEX Approved, Ex II 2G, II 2 D, IP 66
Other Energy Available : 7 Joules, 18 Joules
Operating Temperature : -25°C to +90°C

Battery Operated Igniter Assembly


Battery Operated